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I am a strong believer that Christmas is great. So great that for TK Maxx's Christmas campaign, we decided to make it Christmas all year round. We concepted an activation where lucky shoppers who found a special stocking in-store would be #blessed with prezzies the whole year round. From there, with the help of superstar director Nick Ball, we gave birth to this fantastically festive burpalicious neverending stocking, or stocko for short, who wriggled and wormed all over TV, online, social, print, and a million other places. He even made it to the cinema. It's a Christmas miracle.
It all started with the IRL stocko. It's so big and so heavy and I feel sorry for anyone who actually has to carry this thing home and find a place to store it but you could probably sleep in it. It came with fancy faux fur top, embroidered tag, hand-made pom poms and a whole lot of cosy knitted stripes. It was made by the suuuuuuuuuuuper special Andy Gent of Isle of Dogs and Fantastic Mr Fox fame. Here's some pics of the lucky winners.
banner banner
We also made a whole host of print, banners and DOOH, some of which you can see here. Stocko is just too burpalicious.
snapchat snapchat snapchat
Hahaha yep this is me in various states of terrifying, in bed, and in love, trying out the snazzy snapchat filters we made WHO DOESN'T WANNA KISS STOCKOOOOO?
The little rascal then took to the streets of London to spread Christmas joy and obvs lots of presents. Jingle burps, jungle burps, burping all the way.
stocko stocko
The shoot was an absolute blast because stocko existed in so many forms and so many sizes and I loved all of them equally. Look at him go, the slithery little darling. He really wasn't just for Christmas.