my head

Hi, I'm Chloe. I'm a creative copywriter, crisp coinnoisseur, and big fan of the letter C. Also into alliteration. I'm the legal guardian of Barcelona based creative agency FLIRT and do-er of other things in my free time, like making stupid websites.
Likes: words, crisps, jokes, glitter.
Dislikes: when people lick their finger and put it in your ear.

She knows - VASQUIAT
Time to clean up - CLOSCA X MAM
Go roam - THREE UK
Go binge - THREE UK
The neverending stocking - TK MAXX
Threasyjet - THREE UK
Pijama army - FLIRT
Creative confination - FLIRT X CANADA
No es la mascareta, ets tu - AJUNTAMENT DE SITGES
Bags the musical - TK MAXX
Cocktail. Not a cocktail. - CHAMBORD
I'd be nothing without EU
L.U.V drugs